Breakers Show Their Stripes

On Thursday evening, the Boston Breakers hosted a meet-and-greet event for VIPs and season ticket holders to introduce the new members of the team and show off their new uniforms. Almost all of the players were in attendance, with the exception of new acquisition and former Portland Thorn Sinead Farrelly, who is awaiting medical clearance. Non-roster camp invitee Elise Krieghoff was present, however, so perhaps she'll be able to find a way to stick with the team despite not being on the 20-person roster.

After a welcome from GM Lee Billiard, a few words from the ownership group and new coach Matt Beard, the Breakers players signed autographs, mingled with the crowd, and endured a bit of good-natured ribbing from Cat Whitehill, who has stepped across the touchline to become an assistant coach this year. Then, it was time for the big reveal.

In their third year of sponsorship, Steward Heath Care retain the focal position on the jersey. Under the familiar blue Tetris piece, however, everything is new. The field players have a solid white top for away games. Their home kit is either a blue jersey that fades down to white with blue vertical stripes, or a white jersey that fades up to blue with blue vertical stripes. Or a blue jersey that has white stripes appearing from out of the blue. Or something else. You decide. Or maybe it's white and gold? For the keepers, it's a fairly standard Nike kit, with striped arms on both the grey and orange jerseys. 

Whatever they're wearing, the Breakers look to get off to a good start on Saturday when they face the Washington Spirit away at 7pm. Stream the game live on YouTube, or join the supporters at The Rising (pub) in Inman Square.