Well, that was fun. A taut win over France exposed a few players on the USWNT, but the team got the job done, as they always do. Now, with one relatively meaningless game to play remaining in the group stage, Jill may rest a few regular starters to get them ready for the upcoming knock-out round. Maybe. Because it's Jill, folks. Who deserves a rest?

Kelley O'Hara has been the best outside back by far, but Krieger hasn't had much time to make an impression. Kling did not have a great showing against France. She looked slow and far too far forward for much of the contest, forcing Broon and Whit to pick up her slack. I'd look for Krieger to get a start to give some rest to Kelley or Kling. KOH would sit for at least an hour if it was my call.

Can Carli or Alex take a game off? Press is fresh, and Horan seems to be fit again. Dunn could use a quick match to forget her less than memorable outing on Saturday.

Will we see Megan Rapinoe? How about a cameo to see if she's ready for action, or at least to see if she needs to be replaced on the active roster. Come on, Jill. If Megan can't go for a half yet, it's time for Heather O'Reilley to get the nod.

Could Alyssa Naeher get a start? Solo got a major workout against France, and has been absorbing a fair amount of abuse from the match attendees. Now would be a great time to give Naeher a low-stakes opportunity. Colombia will be without several of their primary scoring threats, so the Red Stars keeper could start her own clean sheet streak.

Might Pugh and JJ sit and rest for one more game? Mal's ankle and JJ's groin tweak kept them out of the France match, and there isn't much point in pushing them back. Maybe sub one or the other in for 20 mins late to get a little work.

My XI: Naeher, Kling, Broon, Whit, Kriegs, Horan, Long, Brian, Pinoe, Dunn, Press. (This will never happen.)

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