Her Pitch in EUROPE! Women's FA Cup Gallery!

I'm very pleased to announce that Her Pitch will be adding some European football coverage, starting NOW! We have a handy new navigation section at the top for Europe, and you'll be delighted to learn that most of the stuff you'll be finding there will be photos only. No terrible, worst-in-the-business predictions. Those will remain mercifully domestic, for now. 

So let's give a warm welcome to Swiss photographer Daniela Porcelli. You might know her from her Flickr page, or her Instagram page, or her Twittering. Or maybe you're more of a video buff and have seen her YouTube page. But if you don't know her already, go follow her. She'll be hopscotching continents this summer and fall and we'll have lots of awesome stuff from a bunch of games coming up from Daniela.

Arsenal 1-3 Chelsea at Wembley Stadium on 5/5

Four goals in the second half provided the assembled supporters of both sides ample reason to perch on the edge of their seats, but Fran Kirby dispensed with any uncertainty by adding a third goal on top of Player of the Match Ramona Bachmann's opening two. Previously, Arsenal had attempted to climb back, with UEFA Women's Euro Champion Vivianne Miedema finding an opening through the middle of the goal to draw within one. It wasn't enough, and Chelsea collected their second FA Cup for manager Emma Hayes. In case you weren't aware, Hayes is an uber-badass who managed the match while seated due to her being uber-pregnant with twins.

Congratulations Chelsea!